The SourceWorks has been founded to promote, teach and support the adoption of free and open source software in (real-time) machine control applications.

Your company or research institute can rely on our services to help you accelerate the development of your embedded control systems. We're relying on a decade of experience in Linux and eight years in the real-time Linux ecosystem in the fields of robotics, machine control and distributed control.

The SourceWorks is more than a traditional Linux consulting company. We also invest in open source tools especially targeted at real-time control applications and thus help our customers far beyond the classical consulting job.

This is just a grasp of the services we can offer you:

  • Training of your team in open source technologies such as GNU/Linux application development, Eclipse, Xenomai and Orocos
  • Guiding you with the choice and setup of an embedded Linux environment (host and target) for your proprietary control applications
  • Testing hardware for its real-time characteristics
  • Developing features for open source software projects

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out how we can cooperate to achieve your next milestone!

Updated Orocos training programme available

In the ever changing world of open source robotics software, we're offering an updated training program to get you started with the tried and trusted technologies for robotics and real-time machine control in general. All courses can be given on site or at a venue chosen by you. Each training is tailored to your requirements and can be extended to involve review of your (existing) controller designs.

You can download our Orocos training offering in a PDF file:

The SourceWorks wins Open Source Achievement Award

Peter Soetens of The SourceWorks has won the Willow Garage Open Source Achievement Award for 'developing Orocos RTT into a broadly used framework for real-time control'.

It's the first time that Willow Garage awards persons for their contribution to Open Source Robotics. Peter Soetens has a long tradition in developing software under Free licenses, with contributions as early as 1999. In 2001, he started programming on the Orocos project at the University of Leuven. This award acknowledges the importance of this work, which has now matured into a practical and powerful platform for real-time applications.

Eclipse & Embedded Seminar in Eindhoven, 30/03/2010

I will speak at the 'Why use Eclipse for embedded software development?' seminar at the Evoluon in Eindhoven, organized by DSPValley. The topic presented is titled Debugging Embedded systems with Eclipse Galileo and GDB 7. The abstract is as follows: Last year, the highly anticipated version 7 of the popular Gnu Debugger (GDB) was released with a number of interesting features, like recording debugging sessions, stepping backwards in time, single-thread-stopping breakpoints and custom data visualisation. All these features are already integrated in the latest Eclipse CDT and Eclipse allows user-friendly access to these technologies. This talk will introduce and demonstrate these capabilities on an Intel Atom processor.

I also published an article in Bits & Chips about the same subject (text in Dutch only).

The SourceWorks and PAL-Robotics join in Orocos development

PAL Technology RoboticsPAL Technology Robotics The European leader in humanoid robotics, PAL Robotics, a division of PAL Technology located in Barcelona, has contracted The SourceWorks to invest significantly in the Open Source robotics and machine control framework Orocos. The SourceWorks will enhance the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit (RTT) in order to make it more portable across platforms, inter-operable with other (open source) control software and user friendly for first-time users.

This six months project will bundle these efforts in a RTT 2.0 release which is planned for January 2010. The development is done completely in the open and any Orocos user can check the progress and milestones at any point in time. For more information about the development status, take a look at the Orocos RTT 2.0 wiki pages.

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